An up-to-date list of tablers at CZF:

Monk Comics

(Caroline Smith)


I draw daily comics about my life and thoughts. I am a graphic designer and doing these diary comics is not only a great way to practice drawing and reflect on my life, but also a way to not have to look at computer screen as I do the majority of most days.


Megan Summers

Megan Summers is a public librarian with a passion for DIY culture. Her zines explore the visual and verbal, the ephemeral and poetic, the uncanny and ineffable. She’s a fan of list-making, weird music, horror movies, dense books, and overanalysis.

You can find her on Tumblr at ortheisof.tumblr.com.

Monstieur Comics

(Scott Hensel)


Scott Hensel is a guy currently living in Greenville, SC. Since 2008, he has been self releasing comics and music much to his wallet’s chagrin. In 2014, he began to draw daily autobiographical comics and has released them quarterly in zine format.
Other than comics and music, Scott will spend most of his time at home drinking scotch with his 2 cats and girlfriend.


Run Riot Media

(Hart Jeffers)

Hart Jeffers

Run Riot Media is a mix-tape of freelance Charleston and English voices coming together to make music for your eyes in comic form. They create high quality comic books and related merchandise.


InC Street Media

(Wh?t // Darth Codius)


InC (In Charleston) will feature original and limited edition work from local street artists WH?T and Darth Codius including stickers, booklets, small art and more.


Darth Codius

Sideshow Press

Sideshow Press

Sidesow Press celebrates curiosity, nostalgia, and function with their modern line of lifestyle necessities for the desktop, tabletop, and travel.


Steven & Casi Cline

Steven Cline

Steven Cline and Casi Cline create collages, drawings, and written works and also help edit and organize a Surrealist journal & small press called Peculiar Mormyrid. For their zines Steven and Casi utilize combinations of collage, drawing, and written or found text. Casi & Steven currently live in Cartersville, Georgia and work as Graphic Designers.




Rebecca Jane 


Jesse H. Mead

Jesse H Mead

Jesse self publishes “graphic novels” out of Charleston, via a small printing press in Asheville, NC called Woolly Press. He was born to two old hippies in Charleston, SC. He grew up enjoying comic books, movies, laughter, video games, and music. In the spring of 2011, e graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. Two years later, he returned to Vermont to attend the 2013 class of the Ghost Scout Training Camp in the Ghost-Shrimp National Forest. He now enjoys drawing graphic novels, a warm campfire, a laugh with a friend, and the occasional steamed artichoke.



Woolly Press

Nat. Brut


Nat. Brut (pr. nat broot) is a journal of art and literature dedicated to advancing inclusivity in all creative fields. Our magazine is a broadly interdisciplinary safe space that values marginalized voices, and we promote environmental sustainability in both form and content. We release online issues twice a year and we hold free submissions during the months of May and November. 
More can be found at:

 Madi Hall
final cover (1)

 Password: Dragon


Scenario Art Collective

(Katly Hong)


Melinda Melmoth 

Alex Book 01

Melinda Melmoth is a Photographer, Illustrator, and Textile Artist. Born and raised in Portland, OR. She recently moved from New York City to Charleston to try to find more time to do these things. She draws friends, lizards, celebrities, and scenes from tv shows and movies.

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Garry Bonesteel

cover_Part 3_1

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Instagram & Twitter: @bonesteel_kic