Crypt is a local artist with a love for american traditional tattoos and anime. Bringing you hand painted signs and illustrations buried deep within the Holy City. He’ll be tabling at the fest with pins, drawings, zines, and more!

Sage Graham | Heather Thornton

There have never been two people more suited to collaborate on an exquisite corpse drawing  (when each collaborator adds to the drawing in sequence) than Heather Thornton and Sage Graham. They’re delightfully playful and eerie. Off-puttingly sweet and disturbing. But above all, incredibly well executed.    

Megan Summers

Megan Summers is a librarian, DIY afficiandao, zine collector, and poetry writer existing between the intersections of public service work and creative exploration. Her current sources of inspiration are weird sci-fi stories, Medieval manuscript illuminations, ancient Japanese haikus, and photos of jazz musicians with their beloved pets. Check out more of her work on her…

Worser Beings

Worser Beings is a collective of elusive mutants who leave passive aggressive notes for each other.  They name spiders lingering on ceilings  and send telepathic messages to dogs they know. They are to be avoided by any means necessary, for they will be hellbent on squeezing a laugh out of you while simultaneously attempting to manifest their…

Black Sheep Productions

Shawn Hudson is a writer/artist based in Florence, SC and is the founder of Black Sheep Productions. He has written, illustrated, edited and designed several comic books, webcomics and books for himself and others. Check out his website for new comics, releases and appearance information!

Hurricane Hunnies

Hurricane Hunnies is a Charleston-based art collective for young creatives. They’re committed to providing a safe space for women, non-binary individuals, and other non-cismen in the DIY community. They want to plant to work closely with the community and take an active stance against racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia. (how great is that!) They will have…

Patrick Bryant

Patrick is a Charleston based author who recently released his debut novel, Hum A Radiant Sickness. “Taking a satirical stab at the problem of student loan debt, the existential novel questions the possibility of achieving authenticity in an economy that seems to force its antithesis: servitude beneath an oppressive system of otherness.” (One of my favorite featured…

The Talismanic Potato

The folks from The Talismanic Potato are making their way to CZF from Asheville and we couldn’t be happier. “Both [creators] realize that while Asheville is a foodie destination for travelers from all over, it also is a place, like many others, where there is significant food poverty.  As such, The Talismanic Potato always plans to…

Monstieur Comics

Making his way down from Greenville, SC, Scott Hensel is a connoisseur of autobiographical comics. He stated publishing them in 2014 and has released his zine in a quarterly format ever since! (Just think about all of those juicy details about his life) Other than comics and music, Scott will spend most of his time…

Monk Comics

A veteran vendor, Caroline Smith is a graphic designer and diary comic artist hailing from Greenville, SC. We’re pretty excited to see what funny/amusing/painfully relatable things she’s gotten into in the past year! Check out her work HERE